New research shows 84% of consumers more likely to buy food products displaying REAL Eggs seal as shoppers desire clean labels and transparency

CHICAGO (February 18, 2020) — As consumers continue to demand authenticity and transparency in the foods they buy, the American Egg Board (AEB) released new research showing the new Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal reinforces positive brand perceptions and encourages purchase.

Research conducted by Datassential found the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal increases purchase intent for more than 8 in 10 consumers who buy eggs. Consumers also said the seal conveys a message of high quality about a manufacturer’s brand (82%) and makes them believe a product will taste better (80%).

“Research confirms that knowing a product is made with REAL eggs translates into a real benefit at the point of purchase,” said Nate Hedtke, vice president of market development at the American Egg Board. “The egg is a nutritional powerhouse that satisfies consumer demand for clean labels, and the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal provides a positive point of difference on packaging.”

Top Chains Realize REAL Eggs Value
Quick-service restaurants and retailers are already recognizing the value of the Made with REAL Eggs certification® seal. To date, providers including White Castle and 7-Eleven have successfully piloted the program and proven the seal encourages consumers to make repeat purchases.

“Highlighting the Made with REAL Eggs® seal on our distinctive slider sandwiches is an authentic way to share with our customers what we’ve known all along — that when it comes to serving up hot and tasty real eggs, there’s really no substitute,” said Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer of White Castle.

REAL Eggs Benefit Manufacturers
The American Egg Board introduced the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal for food manufacturers to clearly and quickly communicate the presence of genuine eggs in food and beverage products, benefitting both businesses and consumers.

“The Made with REAL Eggs® seal on a package instantly signals to the consumer that the product is positively processed with real ingredients — before they ever read the ingredient label. This helps them make quick purchase decisions when they’re scanning the shelves,” said Phaedra Ruffalo, senior director of market development at the American Egg Board. “The Made with REAL Eggs® seal on packaging indicates a commitment to authentic, natural ingredients.”

The seal is complimentary for manufacturers, foodservice outlets and retailers that meet certification requirements — notably the exclusive use of actual eggs in a product. In addition, eggs must be domestically sourced and processed according to U.S. government food safety protocols. Each individual product or SKU must be registered annually. For more information or to register, visit