American Egg Board certification positively impacts purchase decisions as consumers desire clean labels and transparency

CHICAGO (February 18, 2020) — People want to know and understand what is in the food they eat. To help restaurants and food manufacturers give consumers confidence in their products, the American Egg Board (AEB) has introduced the new Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal to easily communicate their food products are made of genuine eggs.

Additionally, new research shows that when consumers know a product is made with real eggs, the value of the product increases. More than 80 percent of those who buy egg products said seeing the Made with REAL Eggs® seal would positively influence their purchase decision. The seal also gave consumers confidence that a manufacturer’s brand was of high quality (82 percent) and that a product would taste better (80 percent).

“Eggs are recognized as one of nature’s most perfect foods, and one of the most popular foods among Americans today. In fact, consumer demand for eggs and egg products has reached its highest levels in 50 years,” said Anne L. Alonzo, President and CEO of the American Egg Board. “The AEB developed the Made with REAL Eggs® certification process to help assure that what is inside a package or on a restaurant menu is the high-quality, authentic ingredient consumers demand.”

Quick-service restaurants and retailers are already recognizing the value of the Made with REAL Eggs® certification seal. To date, providers including White Castle and 7-Eleven have successfully piloted the program and proven the seal encourages consumers to make repeat purchases.

“Highlighting the Made with REAL Eggs® seal on our distinctive slider sandwiches is an authentic way to share with our customers what we’ve known all along — that when it comes to serving up hot and tasty real eggs, there’s really no substitute,” stated Lynn Blashford, Chief Marketing Officer of White Castle.

The Made with REAL Eggs® seal is now available nationwide for use on manufacturing and foodservice packaging, in marketing and merchandising materials, on menu boards and for promotional efforts in retail outlets. Use of the seal is complimentary and each individual product or SKU must be registered annually. Learn more about increasing the value of food products with the Made with REAL Eggs® seal by visiting