“Colonnade of Eggs” Exhibit Honors First Lady Jill Biden’s Commitment to Supporting Military-Connected Families

Decorations for the 2024 White House Easter Egg Roll are displayed in the East Colonnade, Wednesday, March 27, 2024, including eggs designed by military-connected children, at the White House. (Official White House Photo by Erin Scott)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 31, 2024) – As part of the many Easter traditions celebrated at the White House, America’s Egg Farmers are proud to have collaborated with the White House on the “Colonnade of Eggs,” celebrating First Lady Jill Biden’s commitment to supporting those who serve our country and their families. Appearing in the East Colonnade of the White House, the exhibit features eggs designed by children from National Guard families across the country.  

2024 “Colonnade of Eggs” Represents National Guard Families Across the United States 

Children from National Guard families across the nation submitted egg designs to be featured at the 2024 White House “Colonnade of Eggs” exhibit. Designs crafted by National Guard children from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be on display.  

“Dan and I are so proud of the children of our National Guard families who took the time to submit these wonderful designs. What an honor to have their artwork displayed at the White House East Colonnade. Thank you to America’s egg farmers for this partnership,” says Mrs. Kelly Hokanson, National Guard Bureau Senior Spouse. “And thank you to the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, and to her Joining Forces initiative, for always remembering our children and providing them this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” 

“On behalf of the American Egg Board and America’s egg farmers, we are proud to support those who serve our country and their families through this special exhibit and of course to highlight eggs and egg farmers,” says Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board. “Each handcrafted egg highlights the unique experiences and stories of these children for thousands of tourists to see during the Easter season at the White House.” 

Youth Designs Brought to Life During Easter Season 

Talented egg artists from across the country brought each child’s creative vision to life on a real hen egg. The egg artists use various mediums and techniques, from painted to dioramas, etched and carved eggs.  

The beautiful eggs are best described by the children whose egg designs are featured in the exhibit: 

  • Allyson (Ally) P., Colorado, age 8: “I love my family and my country. My dad used to fly F16s and my mom works in aircraft maintenance in the Colorado Air National Guard. Living in Colorado is the best: the sun, the mountains, the snow, the rain, and all the nice people.” 
  • Michaela W., Michigan, age 16: “Growing up as a military child, I was very patriotic. The photo on the front of my egg is a picture of me wearing a uniform along with a backpack brought back from Afghanistan. The photo on the back is of me hugging my dad after a training.” 
  • Leeam M., Puerto Rico, age 9: “My drawing represents the National Army Guard of Puerto Rico with the elements of the coqui and the flag.” 

History of White House Colonnade of Eggs 

Annually for the last 47 years, the American Egg Board, on behalf of its farmers, has presented a commemorative egg to the First Lady that reflects each individual first Lady’s passions, causes and contributions in service to the nation. These eggs are produced by talented egg artists identified from across the country by AEB. For the last three years, AEB has collaborated with the White House on larger exhibits that showcase egg art during the spring season.  

In 2022, the “Colonnade of Eggs” exhibit featured more than 40 years of past First Ladies’ Commemorative Eggs, marking the first time First Ladies’ Commemorative Eggs representing multiple presidential administrations were on display together. 

In 2023, the American Egg Board curated a series of Easter eggs designed by students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The 2023 First Lady’s Commemorative egg will be included in the exhibit. Themed “The United States of Possibility,” selected student designs were brought to life on real hen eggs by talented artists specializing in egg artistry. 

The opportunity this year and in previous years has allowed for children to bring their creativity to life in a way that celebrates the joy of eggs and reflects the identified theme while remaining non-discriminatory and not showing preference to any individual religious or political viewpoints as AEB is prohibited from doing as a national Checkoff organization.  


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