Despite these unsettling times, people miss dining out. They really wouldn’t mind letting someone else do their cooking. What they lack, though, is a compelling reason to return to their morning breakfast routine away from home. So, that’s what our Boosting Breakfast Business program is all about – reinvigorating the morning daypart and giving people a reason to order breakfast out again.

Here are some promotional thought-starter ideas to stir up excitement in the breakfast hours and help re-establish customer loyalty. Take these ideas, add your own spin – because no one knows your customers better – and let’s start boosting your breakfast business.   

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Everyone knows it’s better to give than to receive. With that in mind, here are a few ideas to inspire your marketing efforts.  

  • Get One Give One – GOGO – Support essential workers or local organizations feeding community members in need. For every sandwich purchased another is given.
  • Social Breakfasting – Offer promotional pricing for ‘social breakfast’ sandwich takeout orders. Customer buys one for themselves and a second to share with a friend – they deliver it via a “porch drop.” For delivery orders: Customer gets one sandwich delivered, and a second sandwich is delivered to their friend. Give an incentive to the friend to order a sandwich for someone else to continue the social spread.


Sometimes all people need is an incentive to change their behavior. Try something like one of these to give them a nudge.

  • Create a Breakfast Box (combo meal) and offer free delivery for each Breakfast Box order. Create boxes for individuals or families. Consider set prices for sandwich + side and sandwich + side + beverage box combos.
  • Now & Later Offer: Buy one sandwich get a second to freeze for later. The extra sandwich comes wrapped ready for the freezer. EAT ME NOW and EAT ME LATER stickers add to the fun.
  • Price breaks: There’s nothing like a bargain to get people’s attention. Offer value pricing on a breakfast sandwich or feature a buy one breakfast item and get another half off.
Buy 1 get 1 promo on breakfast sandwich
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Give customers a reason to return regularly for breakfast.  

  • Limited-Time Offers (LTOs): An LTO program gives diners a reason to stop in. And lets you offer seasonal or experimental items. Promote LTOs with “try it while it lasts” or “get it before it’s gone” or “limited time only” signage to encourage trial. LTOs are exciting for diners and give you an opportunity to try out new menu items or ingredients.
  • B&B Subscriptions: Your customers will want to get out of bed for this! Offer a monthly Breakfast Sandwich & Beverage subscription. For a set fee, subscribers get a weekly sandwich and beverage from an exclusive subscription-only menu.