Market Overview

  • Mexico – highest per capita egg consumption in world, reaching 375
  • Mexican egg sales done through traditional and wholesale markets:
    • Bulk (80%)
    • Closed packages under local brands (14%), mainly in supermarket chains and convenience stores
    • Breaking eggs represent only 6% of total production

Table Eggs

  • Extremely sensitive to pricing and HPAI outbreaks affecting Mexican egg production
  • Less than 5% of total U.S. table egg imports sold as U.S. product (prepacked with country of origin identification)
  • Most U.S. imported table eggs sold in bulk or under domestic labels
  • Mexican eggs not washed, refrigerated, nor graded
  • Less stringent domestic environmental and animal rights regulations, as well as public health concerns compared to U.S. and developed countries
  • Influence of domestic consumer groups still very limited

Egg Products

  • Leading egg products users include bakery and mayonnaise producers (yolks)
  • Local table egg producers vertically integrated, owning egg processing facilities
  • Mexican producers not importing table eggs for processing, mainly to avoid problems due to lack of refrigeration facilities

Market Opportunity

  • Opportunities exist with leading bakeries, mayonnaise producers and multinational restaurant chains: McDonald’s, KFC and others
  • Work jointly with Mexican egg industry to build egg consumption:
    • U.S. and Mexican table egg and egg products industries should take advantage of rising demand for more convenient, affordable and healthy food products aimed at preventing overweight and obesity problems, largely affecting infant population
    • Once demand is larger than supply from local producers, gap will be filled, especially with egg products from U.S.
  • With not more than 5% of total Mexican egg production used for breaking, potential to expand market for egg products is huge–quite different than table eggs, due to price sensitivity
  • Medium-sized food processing companies/foodservice establishments are unaware of U.S. egg products