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Indian Gastropub also called Progressive Indian or Modern Indian is a divergence from traditional Indian cuisine, which can be a tad intimidating to some diners. The more approachable, Indian Gastropub cuisine is exotic, yet familiar as it combines aromatic Indian flavors with comforting, well-recognized pub foods. Naturally, eggs fit squarely into this trend. Their neutral flavor and innate richness are an idyllic match for the bold spices featured in this cuisine.

Chef's Corner: Sujan Sarkar


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“We take the membrane (chalaza) out before we do anything with the egg. Remove it, so the egg will cook through evenly. There’s never going to be a raw part of it. Take the membrane out, the albumen will be evenly cooked.”
— Chef Sujan Sarkar

Chef Sarkar in the kitchen
most valuable protein
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Protein provides more than just dietary protein.
Protein foods like eggs contribute to:

  • Nutrient intake
  • Diet quality
  • Nutrient adequacy1

Protein foods provide important micronutrient diversity.
For example, eggs provide the most choline of any commonly consumed protein food.2

Nutrient-dense eggs make important dietary contributions.
Whole egg consumption is associated with a higher likelihood of meeting or exceeding federal dietary recommendations for several micronutrients, such as vitamin D, calcium and iron.3

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