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Comfort food is what people are craving in these uncertain times. Sandwiches are a go-to comfort food and a natural for to-go menus. With off-premise dining rising, there’s no better time to reinvigorate your sandwich menu. Push the limits of your all-day sandwich menu by introducing the uneggspected – mix-up flavors, proteins, textures, outsides, insides, sauces, sides and dips.

Provide comfort with a dash of epic!

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“In creating egg sandwiches, my No. 1 tip is to let the egg be the star. And choose ingredients that complement the egg above all else. Eggs like certain things. They like salt. They like a little bit of acid. They like to be balanced by flavors that take them to another level”
— Chef Nick Korbee

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  • It’s natural to crave comfort foods in times of uncertainty.
  • You can give comfort foods a nutrient upgrade by adding an egg.
  • Nutrient dense eggs are a high-quality, protein source.
    There are six grams of protein in each large egg.
  • Eating diets rich in high-quality protein help people feel full and satisfied.
  • Eggs fit into all three of the healthy eating patterns recommended in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  • https://www.eggnutritioncenter.org/articles/nutritious-comfort-food/
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