Egg & Bacon Kale Caesar Salad

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  • Ingredients
    4 large EGGS, hard-boiled
    1/4 cup lemon juice
    1 large garlic clove, minced
    1 EGG yolk*
    1 anchovy, smashed
    1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
    3/4 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, halved
    Salt and pepper to taste
    8 cups kale, cut in fine ribbons
    1/2 cup pepperoncini, chopped
    8 pieces bacon, cooked
    2 avocados

    Yields: 4 servings

  • Nutritional Information

    Per serving: 1/4 Recipe

    Calories: 706

    Total fat: 66 g
    Saturated fat: 12 g
    Polyunsaturated fat: 8 g
    Monounsaturated fat: 42 g

    Cholesterol: 257 mg
    Sodium: 957 mg
    Carbohydrates: 13 g
    Fiber: 6 g
    Sugar: 2 g
    Protein: 18 g
    Vitamin A: 294 mcg
    Vitamin D: 1 mcg
    Folate: 139 mcg
    Choline: 209 mg
    Calcium: 200 mg
    Iron: 3 mg
    Potassium: 310 mg

    This recipe is an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, folate and choline, and a good source of calcium and iron


  1. For the dressing: COMBINE lemon juice and minced garlic in a bowl and LET SIT for 5 minutes. ADD egg yolk, anchovy and Worcestershire sauce, STIR to combine. SLOWLY ADD olive oil, constantly whisking to create an emulsion. Once combined, ADD in Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper to taste.

  2. SHAVE hard-boiled eggs with a grater.

  3. For the salad: TOSS kale, shaved egg, pepperoncini, bacon and cheese with ¼ cup of dressing. Slice avocado and lay on top.

Insider Info

  • For easy peel hard-boiled eggs, try this method.
  • Alternatively, after letting lemon juice and garlic sit, combine egg yolk, anchovy, Worcestershire sauce and pulse to combine. Then stream in olive oil.
  • When separating egg white from yolk, use three-bowl method, one bowl to crack over, one bowl for whites, and one for yolks. For this recipe, crack egg yolk into a separate bowl before attempting to add into lemon juice and garlic.

*To eliminate risk and ensure food safety, use egg yolk from pasteurized shell egg, or adapt recipe to add a cooking step for the egg yolk with these

This recipe was created by Kathleen O’Brien Price, known as Chefleen, Food Network’s Chopped Champion, star of Real Life Cooking and more.