Do you know eggs? Like, REALLY know eggs?

While eggs bring comfort in the morning, don’t overlook everything they add to lunch, dinner and desserts. You might not be aware, for example, that egg yolks contain fats that assist with the flavor release of other ingredients, or that eggs help you better absorb nutrients found in vegetables like vitamin E.

And while it’s true America’s egg farmers produce 100 billion eggs each year, the egg is one of a kind. Read on for a dozen farm-fresh facts about eggs that may surprise you!

We’re serving up a dozen farm-fresh facts we bet you never knew about eggs.

  1. America’s egg farmers produce about 100 billion eggs each year – enough to wrap around the earth five times.
  2. The color of an egg’s shell— brown or white, for example— corresponds to the
  3. Eggs are a complete protein. In fact, eggs are often the standard that food scientists use when they assess the protein quality of other foods.
  4. Eggs are one of the few foods rich in choline, a nutrient that helps support lifelong brain health including memory, thinking, mood and more.
  5. Eggs and veggies make a perfect pair: eggs help you better absorb nutrients found in vegetables, like Vitamin E.
  6. Unless the carton says the egg is nutritionally enhanced, ALL eggs have the same nutritional value – no matter the shell color or how the hens that laid them were raised.
  7. Egg yolks contain fats that assist with the flavor release of other ingredients in a recipe, making everything more delicious.
  8. Eggs are a climate-friendly protein, and America’s egg farmers have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 71%.
  9. Really fresh eggs are harder to peel. For an easier peel, use eggs that have been in the fridge for at least one week.
  10. Properly refrigerated, an egg will retain its quality for about six weeks and will rarely spoil like meat and fruit.
  11. Egg whites aerate batters by creating a foam up to eight times greater than the original liquid, for added structure and bounce.
  12. The average American consumed more than 279 eggs in 2022. You’ll find eggs in more than 90% of U.S. refrigerators.

*Facts 1-11 are cited from the American Egg Board and fact 12 is substantiated by the USDA