Even in challenging times, some things don’t change, like the importance of our health and caring for our loved ones. And America’s egg farmers will continue to feed people. That’s our job. We take it seriously. We’re committed to providing fresh, nutritious eggs now and always.

Are farmers still able to supply eggs? 

Yes, America’s egg supply is strong.  From farmworkers to truck drivers to grocery store employees, everyone is working hard.

It’s been harder to find eggs in grocery stores lately. Why is that?

As people prepared to stay at home, they stocked-up on staple products, including eggs. This created temporary out-of-stock situations at some stores and some grocers had to limit the quantity of eggs people could buy. America’s egg farmers are helping grocers replenish stock quickly.

Why are egg prices higher now?

Egg prices went up because people are buying more eggs than normal. It’s important to know most farmers don’t get to choose the final price of their eggs because eggs are sold as commodities. Eggs are still one of the most affordable and best sources of high-quality protein.

Why are eggs so popular right now?

Eggs are a popular choice, especially for parents with children at home, because they’re nutritious and easy to make. People are using more eggs because now they’re making three meals a day at home, seven days a week, plus snacks, and eggs work for any meal. People are also baking more, and this calls for eggs.

What is being done to get more eggs to stores?

Egg farmers are working to redirect eggs that would have gone to restaurants and hotels into grocery stores to help meet the extra need.

Will I have eggs for Easter?

We expect there will be eggs available for Easter, and your egg farmers are as committed as ever to providing wholesome, nutritious eggs for families across the country to decorate and enjoy as they spend Easter at home.

Do I need to wash my eggs?

No. All eggs in the U.S. sold at the grocery store and other retail locations are washed and sanitized before they go into the carton.

How long after the pack date do eggs last?

Eggs are usually good for four to five weeks past their pack date, when properly refrigerated.