Consumers agree – eggs are an essential staple. According to a recent consumer survey the American Egg Board conducted in partnership with YouGov, more than 4 in 5 Americans always keep eggs in their refrigerator and purchase eggs at least monthly, and 87% of Americans consume eggs at least once per week. It’s true, eggs are an indispensable ingredient in the kitchen and our lives.

Americans perceive eggs as valuable because they are easy to cook, taste good, and are versatile. Americans also appreciate eggs for their ability to support weight management and fitness goals. Those aged 18-35 and 55+ equally agree that fitness support (e.g., muscle development, maintaining muscles, etc.) is a nutritional benefit of eating eggs.

When it comes to cooking, half of Americans agree they are in a cooking rut, and 71% wish they could make faster meals that are more nutritious. In particular, younger Americans feel stuck and are seeking faster, more nutritious, and more inspired meals. If weeknight dinners are a challenge, eggs are the most valuable ingredient in your fridge.

Everyone knows eggs make an unbeatable breakfast, but the multifaceted egg can also rescue the family from routine after a long, busy day – and even better, they’re already in your kitchen. With their versatility, taste and ease, eggs offer dozens (a carton-full, if you will) of delightful ways to deliver unforgettable moments around the dinner table (and impress the pickiest of eaters). Look no further than these Chicken CutletsEasy Microwave Ramen with Eggs and these Scrambled Egg & Stir-Fried Veggie Lettuce Cups for easy weeknight dinners.

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