By Chris Pierce, 2nd Generation Egg Farmer. Heritage Poultry Management Services, Annville, PA.

I hold Easter memories near and dear to my heart. Even though my kids are now in college, Easter hasn’t stopped being a tradition in my family and in our rural Pennsylvania community. In fact, it’s our busiest time of year. You see, being an egg farmer isn’t a weekday job. It’s not nine-to-five. It’s seven days a week. The concept of “working hours” doesn’t apply. Even days off can be few and far between, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Feeding people and nourishing families is incredibly gratifying. And that’s exactly why we work so hard.

As the president of Heritage Poultry Management Services in Annville, Pennsylvania, not only do I have hens in my personal care, but I also continue our family business, which my father-in-law started in 1980, into the next generation to provide support to egg farmers across our state. Our goal is to ensure the Pennsylvania egg community continues to provide the highest-quality eggs to Americans. We do that through a daily commitment to animal care, which guides every decision we make. For example, we have a full-time nutritionist on staff to ensure all hens receive the right nutrients in their diet. This is crucial because every flock is different — even the weather can impact their needs. This is one way we deliver the best product possible for people.

We hope that as you enjoy your Easter traditions — from dying eggs, watching children run across backyards hunting for eggs, or coming together over a Sunday brunch — you’ll know that America’s egg farmers work hard to send you their very best every day.