Invaluable Eggs: Benefits Beyond Expectations

Beyond being a nutrient powerhouse… Even beyond their infinite culinary possibilities… Eggs have benefits beyond the obvious. Explore the countless ways eggs help strengthen families through more powerful bodies, priceless time together and enduring memories. Enjoy benefits beyond measure from the incredibly invaluable egg.

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Beyond Strong Bodies to Brilliant Brains

Nutrient-rich eggs are one of the few foods rich in choline, which helps support brain health at every age and stage. During pregnancy, choline helps your baby’s brain develop properly. At school and home, eggs help kids level up with a brain boost that supports memory and mood, while parents know they’re giving their kids the very best. Eggs help support brain health beyond childhood too, with new research suggesting choline may have lasting effects on prevention of cognitive decline in later years. Brighter brains at any age? The smart family knows how valuable eggs are to brain health!

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Weight Management that Goes Beyond

Eggs fill the tank without breaking the calorie bank, helping you feel satisfied and avoiding snack attacks, while you are managing your weight. One large egg is a complete protein that is low in carbs and provides essential vitamins and minerals — all for just 70 calories. As Americans are building healthier diets, they can count on eggs. Eggs are a nourishing and satisfying part of a healthy diet.

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Beyond Delicious Celebrations

Beyond the festive decorations, well wishes and gifts, celebrations give friends and family precious time together. Though food is a staple for most celebrations, eggs are baked into all of life’s special moments. Without eggs, your cakes and your festivities fall flat. We whip up memories and meringues, strengthen family bonds and show love to the most special people in your life. That’s why, when it comes to celebrating the things that matter most, eggs are your family’s party pantry MVP.

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Weeknight Dinners Beyond the Ordinary

If you’re ready to break out of your weeknight dinner rut, eggs are a smart solution for inspired dinners that take no extra time. Crack an easy carbonara or a crave-worthy cobb salad. With their versatility, taste and ease, eggs offer dozens of delightful ways to deliver unforgettable moments around the dinner table (and impress the pickiest of eaters). Go beyond the ordinary with meals that make memories, even on a Monday – eggs offer simple weeknight solutions without sacrifice.

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Beyond Protein to Progress

Eggs are an invaluable, all-around nutrient powerhouse, a complete protein with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy living. But don’t forget the yolks, folks. Nearly half of an egg’s protein and most of its vitamins and minerals – including those essential for supporting our brains and bodies – are found in the yolk. Everyone in your family can enjoy eggs’ high-quality protein and other key nutrients that support lifelong body and brain health.