Better in a Bowl

Serve an item in a bowl, and it takes on a new persona. Food in a bowl is comforting, fun, versatile, easy to eat, easy to serve, and to some – even better tasting. Because of this, multi-layered, multi-textured meals-in-a-bowl are trending with both diners and operators. BONUS: Bowls are well-suited for both dine-in and off-premise.

A basic breakfast menu can be refreshed with a ‘bowled’ modern approach. Bowls lend themselves to creativity and a variety of ingredients.


  • Make beautiful signature bowls with local and or seasonal ingredients
  • Vary bases – use vegetables, grains, beans, greens, etc.
  • Vary egg preparation styles – scrambled, poached, fried, soft boiled
  • Give bowls a “healthy” halo – use lots of veggies, limit carbs
  • Mix up proteins – from sausage to seafood and everywhere in between
  • Go global – elevate with ingredients and flavors from around the world
  • Simple to assemble; easily customizable
Fastest growing breakfast menu items: avocado toast, shakshuka, breakfast bowl, fried chicken sandwich


Eggs not only offer nearly universal appeal, they’re a great base ingredient for bowls, as well as being an exceptional topper. 

On the bottom

Scrambled eggs are a perfect base for a breakfast bowl. With their neutral flavor, they blend well with other ingredients. And a base layer of eggs can remain plain or serve as a blank canvas for flavorings from sauces and seasonings to veggies and cheeses.

Additional Benefits

  • High in protein, nutritious.
  • Portable and hold well.
  • Customizable with choices of meat, plant-based protein, veggies, shredded cheese, sauces, herbs, spices, etc.
texas hill country hash bowl

Over the top

When eggs top a bowl, they add to its visual appeal and flavor profile. In this instance, bases can be any variety of ingredients – grains, greens, lentils, stews, veggies – the possibilities are vast.

Additional Benefits

  • When broken, a beautifully placed fried or poached egg on top of a bowl becomes a rich, flavorful sauce.
  • Grains, greens, and veggies used as a base lend themselves to more options incorporating global flavors.
  • Artfully made bowls can be offered as brunch menu items.
breakfast panzella bowl
TIP: OFFER PREMIUM INGREDIENTS (Like avocado/guacamole, smoked salmon, roasted mushrooms) for an upcharge. Provides customization options while increasing check totals.


Create bowls with a variety of flavors and textures to cater to all types of customers.


  • Use scrambled eggs as the base. Offer any breakfast burritos on your menu with a bowled option. (Low-carb diners will appreciate this.)
  • Start with grains as the base – they’re a nutritious, neutral flavor profile upon which to build.
  • Cater to vegetarians with a bowl with greens as a base.
  • Consider adding a heartier bowl, using a soup or stew as the base.
  • Incorporate a variety of trending ingredients like avocado, pickled red onion, spicy sauces, mole, etc.
  • Offer global varieties, such as Mediterranean, Persian, or Mexican. In fact, Shakshuka is one of the fastest-growing breakfast menu items. It’s easy to prepare and a great global option.
  • Obviously, anything “instagrammable’ – a beautiful bowl shot from the top is a great addition to your menu. Consider a deconstructed bowl like this bibimbap.